Apple IIgs boots to black screen

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Apple IIgs boots to black screen

Hey there!


I'm new to Applefritter and I'd like to give you guys a quick hello. ;-)

Based in Germany I've basically been an Atari 8-bit guy since 1985, but I've come to collect a whole bunch of other retro machines as well.

Now it's my IIgs that acts up, or rather won't act at all. Here's what it does (not):


Until recently I got it to work properly after ~half an hour trying (garbled boot-up screen, then suddenly it was working alright), but now all it's giving me is a black screen.So I sent it off to an Atari friend of mine, who fixed a whole bunch of my retro machines already, incl. a ZX Spectrum, an MSX, several Ataris (XL/ST) and so on.What he did is this:- checked out the PSU voltages- burned a new ROM 01- socketed and changed the RAM partsStill a black screen.He says that (I quote and translate from German) "the data lines D4, D6, and D7 are inactive and permanently 'low', as if shorted. No activity on the 2nd data bus."His suspicion is that one or more of the custom chips may have given up the ghost.Do you guys have any idea what to check next?

Does anyone here maybe sell IIgs parts or, if push comes to shove, a replacement motherboard?





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Spare parts are pretty much

Spare parts are pretty much unobtanium.  Occasionally you will run into someone parting one out, but that's the only way to get them these days.  Your best recourse probably is to buy another IIgs unit.  There are always a few for sale on eBay, etc., and they don't really sell for a lot.  You can often find the computer unit itself sans monitor, keyboard, drives, etc, for under $200.  Shipping may be the bad thing since you are not in the US.  I imagine they come up for sale a lot less frequently over there.


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