Apple III Wont Load SOS

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Apple III Wont Load SOS

So now I got the system back together and I'm facing another issue. I can boot the confidence disk and the diagnostic disk just fine but if i boot anything that has SOS on it, it crashes and freezes. At first I thought it might be the disk drive so I tried loading the ADTPro Boot disk through ADTPRO over serial and as soon as it begins loading SOS, it crashes and locks up. usually with the drive stuck spinning.


I thought it was the memory board but I ran a diagnsotic on it and it passes. I even ran the memory test on the confidence test for 30 mins and no chips show up bad.Any ideas?

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Which version of the RAM

Which version of the RAM board do you have?


IIRC< the confidence test does not check all of the RAM on the later boards. 


Do you have any expansion cards installed?


It could still be an issue witth the DD or the disk controller circuits. 



If you run out of options, I would *consider* trying to repair it for you, but this will not be a fast process. I have occasionally considered offering repair services on all pre-1986 systems, but I'm an old man, and I do it more as a community service than as anything else. I used to work on that sort of ting, for decades, but these days I am happy to tinker, to invent things, and to write software.


I would prefer to see a dedicated /// HW specialist repairing them, as this would benefit everyone, but because I used to use them, and have repaired them for the company years ago, I could probably do some of the needed work. Still, consider this as a last resort. 


I no longer own a ///, as mine, a rather fiine system with a ProFile and the //e emulation card, was stolen about eight years ago. This deprives me of a working baseline system, which makes te process even harder.




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