Apple iMac Refurbishment

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Apple iMac Refurbishment

Hi Guys,


I am a University student, with not much money lol.  Unfortunately i cannot afford anything brand-new which means that refurbished is perfect for me! Has anyone ever bought a refurbished iMac before? Do they work the same as a brand-new iMac? Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

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First of all: You posted to

First of all: You posted to the wrong board, This is just about the classic Apple I.


To answer your question: Yes, I bought refurbished iMacs before (at the Apple Refurb Store) and I will never buy at the normal store again ;)


All devies in the refurb store are like new, all wearable parts are replaced by new ones, the devices are checked by technicans and all defective parts are replaced. Even the serial number is replaced. You also can buy Apple Care for the products.


The only thing is: They come in a white box instaed of the colorful original box.

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Every Mac I've ever seen from

Every Mac I've ever seen from refuribished directly by Apple was indistinguishable from new. Avoid "seller refurbished" iMacs on eBay, if "like new" is what you're looking for.

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Of course it works. I always

Of course it works. I always prefer refurbished items (if available). For me, it actually means "properly tested and cheaper". So, why not? New is just new, nothing more than that, not necessarily mean better, or more reliable.

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