BOOTi issues...

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BOOTi issues...

So I bought one of these about a month ago and put Total Replay on it and it works great... however, I cannot get any other files/games to work.  The instructions say "The BOOTI card is a block device emulator that allows you to mount up to 8 devices in any Apple II (II/II+/original IIe/enhanced IIe/IIgs). Disk images can be in .po/.dsk/.2mg/.iso/.hdv/.do, as long as the image is in ProDOS block order (not track/sector order)."


Total Replay has a .2mg extension and every other file/game that I've found online only has .nib (which I know won't work) or .dsk (which should work but doesn't).  Any idea why the .dsk files won't work?  I honestly have no idea what "PRODOS block order" means...


Also, how do you get multiple disk games to work (like Maniac Mansion, Black Cauldron, King's Quest, etc)?  What happens when you're asked to swap disks during game play?


My setup is an Enhanced ][e with the Rev. B motherboard and 80Col/64K card (jumper installed).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't have a BOOTi, but

I don't have a BOOTI, but skimming the manual tells me that it can't boot a non-ProDOS .dsk image.



"The BOOTI card is NOT and will never be (in its current hardware form) a floppy emulator. It will NOTboot from a DOS 3.3 .dsk, nor from any kind of custom format .dsk."



Meaning if it's DOS3.3, or some other non-ProDOS image, it seems like you are out of luck.  If the image opens in CiderPress (which not all will, that is almost a certain sign it will not be a ProDOS image), you should be able to tell if the image is DOS3.3 or ProDOS.



Also, I have not gotten around to trying Total Replay myself yet, but i assume they built in some kind of process for swapping floppies when needed.  The page simply says " All games run directly from ProDOS (no swapping floppies!) " so it's possible they were "installed" to the hard drive image in a way the game can automatically find what it needs at that point in the game.

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I think of it as a hard drive.

I think of it more as a prodos hard drive.  I used cider press to create any place from 5 to 32 meg hard drive prodos .po files. Then I use Central point copy 2 plus to make directories and copy disks over. Though you could do that all in cider press. Thus, I have a adtpro directory, copy II plus, scratch and a few other directories in a 5 meg po file.


That is why I decided to get the booti card. Scsi card (even though I ahve a scsi hard drive.) and even profile drive. Way to much money. Plus you have to worry about the drive going out due to old age.


Hope that helps.





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