Cool Patent Artwork (Apple II and others)

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Cool Patent Artwork (Apple II and others)

Hello All,

I ran in to an artist at the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Arts festival this year that had some unique artwork. I purchased a few of the Apple patents from him to frame and hang on the wall. I thought this was pretty unique artwork and super creative. What he does is researches patents for iconic inventions, takes a professional photograph of the item, extract the main elements of the patent (drawings and text) and then brings it all together into a collage on really high quality paper that is suitable for framing.

I thought this was super cool. I took some samples to KansasFest and they were a big hit so I figured I would post his info here too.

One side note is that the Apple I patent on his site will be changing because the patent is actually for the apple II. He is going to professionally photograph my Apple II when he is back here in the fall.

From now until December 31, 2018 he is offering a 10% discount off any of the prints on his site (including the non-Apple ones). If you purchase anything and use the code "KFEST2018", you will receive a 10% discount. The code can be used as many times as you like up until December 31st.

You can see his inventory on the site, and I have some that I bought that I could photograph and post here.

They are so easy to frame and come in different sizes. His web site is:

Take a look!!!