Dan Raymer LCA-1 manual

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Dan Raymer LCA-1 manual

I have a LCA-1 and it doesn't seem to be working. I loaded up AppleWriter II and my lowercase is just some random pixels. I do not have the Manual any longer and do not know what needs to be done to get the thing to work.  Any one with knowledge is appreciated.  


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There is some info on the Dan

There is some info on the Dan Paymar LCA in this zip file on asimov: (it probably should be better named)


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I'm not familiar with how the

I'm not familiar with how the board works, but I assume there's a character ROM on it? Do the random pixels change depending on which key you press? Do you always get the same pixels for a specific key?

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What is the revision of the

What is the revision of the motherboard ?

IIRC, LCA-1 was designed for the earlier (pre Rev 7) motherboard using 2513 EPROM.

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