DOS 3.3 and file handling

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DOS 3.3 and file handling

Hi all!
Back in the day I made a 'custom' game disk of several of my favorite games and wrote my own hello program. Mind you I was a commodore guy back in the day, so I really did this over a span of time hangin at buddy's house (he had a //e).

Got a couple questions as I obviously remember nothing (I'm on a rom 1 gs).

I will 'bload' a file and 'save' to another disk but it doesn't show up??? Apparently there are other associated files that do not list with a 'catalog' command as when I run FID there are actually a number of files on the disk???

Anyone have any clues, tips, and pointers?

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Re: DOS 3.3 and file handling

Are you trying to copy the disk???

If you BLOAD and BASVE, you need to know the Address and Length..

Used FID or better yet, COPYA or even better yet Copy ][ Tools...

There can be hidden files, IIRC, a "Special Character" can be placed in the File Name, Removing it from the Catalog..


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