Flakey IIe Keyboard

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Flakey IIe Keyboard

I just got my IIe today. WooHoo.
The keyboard seems to have 2-3 flakey keys. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't and sometimes they double. Does anyone know of any reasons why I shouldn't use some switch cleaner on them before I research getting some new key switches?

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Re: Flakey IIe Keyboard

Hello rick71,
in case the cleaner does not work...
maybe this page is of use:

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Re: Flakey IIe Keyboard

I am assuming that there will be some debate on this...

But to fix this problem properly involves removing the keyboard from the case and removing the key switches and then taking them apart and cleaning the contacts manually.

Cleaner, in my opinion is a waste of time as it has too many disadvantages and it does not really get to the contacts effectively.

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Re: Flakey IIe Keyboard

When I first bought my IIe plat, it was semi-dirty and decided to clean it up. I took off the case and removed every key, cleaned each one and the under-neath with q-tips and peroxide. It did have a minor keyboard problem when it arrived, after the cleaning I had no issues. Could be hair/dust ect like mine was?!? Besides, then you know the general condition of the case, so if a Cheeto falls on the cover, you wouldn't hesitate (that much) to go ahead and eat it.

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