Floppy EMU and Sierra Save Game disks with volume numbers

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Floppy EMU and Sierra Save Game disks with volume numbers

Recently purchased a floppy Emu. Awesome device! A bunch of games require a volume number in order to function. For instance almost all Sierra games (Kings Quest 1,2,3,4 man hunter, gold rush etc). No problem I just use NIB files that have the volume number set. Unfortunately the save game disk for Sierra games must be made IN the games using command: init disk which formats a save game disk and also assigns it a volume number that MUST be set. For KQ2 I think its 050 but I could check them all to be sure. Anyways...

Only NIB and 2mg images, to my knowledge, support volume numbers. DSK,DO,PO do not have headers for this and will always show as default 255 and wont work.

A solution may be 140k 2mg image but I cant find a 2mg image of any kind at 140k since these images are normally for the Apple II GS 800k and above images.

Right now I just have a real disk drive tagged off my apple IIc for the save games but of course eventually floppies will all fade away completely. It would be super if there existed a blank 140k 2mg image. The floppyemu does not support writing to NIB images or Id just try and make a save game disk on a blank NIB in an emulator and copy it to the floppyEMU. I think if I had a 140k blank (or really any 140k 2mg file) I could try formatting that in an emulator in kings quest and copying that to the floppyEMU. My only fear there will be the floppyEMU wont like 140k 2mg images but have to try unless there are any other ideas out there. Without a solution eventually apple II sierra games wont be playable since save games will be impossible due to sierras disk label/proprietary save game formats.


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I bought 2 of these units for

I bought 2 of these units for evaluation testing. I like the fact that they use the micro sd directly instead of requiring the carrier for it.
I can make up a floppy for you with DOS on it and a very simple hello file if this would help. Let me know on that.

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IIRC there is a version from

IIRC there is a version from 4am that works around the volume number requirements or incorporates saving the volume number elsewhere via modded RWTS routine. I also seem to recall there being a pre-made, but empty, save-game disk.

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