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Dram Test

Spaciba Macintosh_nik ! 


I tried to type the hexa codes of the test found here I must have made an entry error that I cannot locate.

IF that the woz mon   include a checksum during memory dumps should be better.

(I know...there is only 256 bytes in proms.)


Finally I was able to load Mike Willegal's Memory TEST on the russian web site :

I had some difficulties with the AIFF. under android but  VLC player solve it.


For load Mike Code from ACI :


0.3R 280.3A1R

The 4 first byte of the ram indicates the range of ram to be tested

You will need to configure them like this


To test W0-W7 RAM bank :

0: 00 E0 00 F0



To test X0-X7 RAM bank0: A2 03 00 10

Lauch the test :





we cannot test the lower part of the ram   X0-X7 because the code is housed there.The best for an exhaustive test is to swap the X and W chips and only test the W












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Hi wirehead!

You're welcome, glad to help. I use this free VLC player too.

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70's flavour

By the way, I had already seen some of the Apple 1 programs but in the form of a book that I found at the municipal library around 1985...This book is available in pdf here:

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Correct link is .............
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bad link

Indeed the link was invalid.

thank you Tulack

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Woz on BASIC

Here is what Woz wrote about this book:


The computer I built didn't have a language yet. Back then, in 1975, a young guy named Bill Gates was starting to get a little bit of fame in our circles for writing a BASIC interpreter for the Altair. Our club had a copy of it on paper tape which could be read in with a teletype, taking about thirty minutes to complete.

Also, at around the same time a book called 101 Basic Computer Games came out. I could sniff the air.

That's why I decided BASIC would be the right language to write for the Apple I and its 6502 microprocessor. And I found out none existed for the 6502. That meant that if I wrote a BASIC program for it, mine could be the first. And I might even get famous for it. People would say, Oh, Steve Wozniak, he did the BASIC for the 6502.

Anyway, people who saw my computer could take one look at it and see the future. And it was a oneway door. Once you went through it, you could never go back.


Once the BASIC was done and easily loadable from a cassette tape, I discovered something terrible. I had miscalculated. I had thought that all versions of BASIC were more or less the same, and that all the 101 games in BASIC that I had in that book would automatically run if you typed them in. That turned out not to be the case. It turned out that the type of BASIC I'd written-as well as the HP BASIC I'd originally studied-was totally different from Bill Gates's Microsoft BASIC, which was based on the DEC BASIC at the time. Bummer!


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