I am guessing someone got a good deal!

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I am guessing someone got a good deal!

Well,  I wasn't sure what to list this at so I took a guess.   I am thinking I guessed way wrong since I didn't even have my finger off the return button before it was purchased. :-) 


I was never going to use this and thought someone else may.   


How bad did I underestimate the price?


It's water under the bridge now, but I would still like to hear everyone's opinion. 


If it's a fritter who got it, hope you enjoy it!!!   







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Why bother?

Why bother with this when the CF card is so much more elegant?

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I know. THat's why I sold it

I know. THat's why I sold it because I have a few CFFA 3000s and BWOW FLoppy EMUs and this thing it too damn heavy to hual out and it is taking up all this space.  I bought it as part of a big collection and didn't even know it worked until today.    I am getting old and it is alot easier for me to lift a CF card than on of these.  LOL!  


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I'd say the buyer got good deal

I'd say the buyer got  good deal, especially considering it looks like new and included everything.

You might have gotten a grand for it, given the number of working units out there.  Rare to find one in this condition.

Glad a Fritter got it.

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Ehhhh... More like, some

Ehhhh... More like, some desperately wante it?!


A SCSI card and a ZIP drive is a better solution, than that; or a ProFIle card and drive, although people overpay for ProFile cards now, too.


CFFA 3000 sale prices of late have likewise been absurd. I have considered licensing it just to prouce it at a reasonable price again.  


The RM MicroDrive is also a good solution. I personallt have one on backorer, with Apple HS SCSI cars in use at present. 


I have also considering licensing the CFFA3000, ust to make a new production run so that people can get them at a price that isn't mad. 


There is a logistical upper-limit to the cost for large media, and perhaps a pure collector would pay that much for that kind of media, but, when they go to use it, the experience/cost is absurd. 


I have been thinking of cloning the ProFile card, but I can't get one to examine, an mine was stolen a few years ago.  As I recall, it wasn't anything special: ust a Parallel interface with custom ROMs, and if someone wante to loan one out so that I coul define it in KiCAD, I'd do it.  


I think tht you were fortunate to get that price. I suspect that someone had it intheir search term watchlists, and was willing to pay an absurd price for it. 



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How did the tape drive

How did the tape drive function, compared to the Sider hard drives?

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dang, that's a lot of money

dang, that's a lot of money for an old drive,


i got 2 of those i picked up a few years back for under 100 each,


good to know

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I conversed with the person

I conversed with the person and it was a collector that had every model First Class made except for this one.  He was very happy so I was very happy.  I know what it feels like to collect things and sometimes when one becomes avaialble, you jump on it.    I packed the hell out of it and double boxed so it should make it there intact.  


Thanks for the info.  I did not think it would go that quickly.  I can pretty much estimate the value on most of the vintage Apple Hardware, but I was guessing on this based on the limited info that was on eBay.  



Thanks for all who answered.  


Tom - The tape drive uses special data cassettes that have  a notch in them. The extra software that comes with the unit, backs up the hard disk to tape.  It is actually pretty neat considereing the era it was made. 




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