An Introduction

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An Introduction

I hate entering a new forum and just asking for help, so this time I'm going to make a small introduction. Smile

I have been into retro computers ever since my family got a Tandy in 1990, and started programming (BASIC, Pascal) as a hobby nearly twenty years ago. Several years ago I decided I want to code exclusively for Apple II, hopefully learning 6502 assembly language. Unfortunately those goals has been hard to fulfill as the emulator I am using, Virtual II, has been giving me trouble, as well as the assembler 'Merlin', but more on those another day.

I have no intention of being a nuisance, and hope my asking for help won't be too much of an annoyance. I-m so happy

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Re: An Introduction

Hello AppleCoder
and welcome in the board....
allthough in the major half of the postings the users debatte about hardware problems,
for example arriving while resurecting ancient systems...
there is quit a smaller half of the community sharing topics related to the programming
of the Apple Computers in Basic, Assembler or Pascal... and in very few postings also other
programming langguages might be topic, like Logo or even more rarely used compilers...

If you have questions related to specific topic it´s recommended to view also former postings and
threads for given information....
the access to searching such postings and threads is given by the small input field at the upper right corner
labelled "search". It scans all availiable postings and threads of this board on the presence of the
term or word entered in the search-field and is quite powerfull tool.
It even also can handle terms of 2 or 3 worde for combined search and presence of 2 or 3 words in
the searched topic.

Some members have own sites running besides with wide range of topics....
mine for example is accessable at:
depending to the language you speak you may find there stuff in english or german language...
have fun...

sincerely speedyG

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Re: An Introduction


Welcome to the land of the 'Fritter Critters!

Like Speedy says, there is something here for everybody.

You never know what we'll be talking about. lol

Steven Smile

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Re: An Introduction


If I may make a suggestion, in addition to here, another great resource for all things Apple II is the Apple II Enthusiasts Group on FaceBook.
Many of the same people from this site participate in the group, along with hundreds of others (including a number who made some of the programs/games from the 80's we all play and love!)

Give it a try. Between here and there you'll likely get all the help you could ever need!

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