Loading files on a IIGS

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Loading files on a IIGS


It's been a very long time since I last posted here--about 9 years ago I was rediscovering my Apple IIgs and got some helpful info here on how to transfer software to it from my PC / classic Macintosh.  In fact it was kind of amazing looking back at my old posts and seeing how much I learned (and apparently forgot) about this system.  Well it's been a LONG time since I used it and I'm drawing a complete blank trying to remember how to do some basic things.  I set myself up with a bunch of software back when I had learned how to ttransfer the stuff but I can't remember how to load most of it...

Certain things just boot directly at system startup but other disks that I put several programs on aren't bootable.  Most of these programs seem to be SYS type files.  I'm just wondering how to load these files?  I tried loading them from BASIC with LOAD/RUN and with BLOAD/BRUN and I always get a FILETYPE MISMATCH or something along those lines.  I tried loading them after booting from a DOS 3.3 System disk--at that point it couldn't read the disk at all and made a horrible sound--I take it that it's just that the disk of programs is in PRODOS format...  So my other thought/question is: do I need to somehow boot to a PRODOS "pronpt" of some sort to load these SYS files or do they simply load from BASIC?

It seems most of the software I transferred 9 years ago was self-booting (even my multi-games disks boot to a menu) so this is something I didn't mess around with too much.  Still it seems like most of my utility-type programs that I crammed onto compilation disks exist as SYS files and I'm sure I must have figured it out back then but it is really stumping me right now...