Looking for an Apple //e badge from the lid?

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Looking for an Apple //e badge from the lid?

Hello - long Apple IIe restoration project finally upto putting the Apple back together but ive lost the "//e "badge (managed to find the "apple " badge) during house move. Would anyone have one that they are willing to part with feel free to PM me. Also looking for keyboard caps from a later platinum IIe - (RESET) and (DELETE) fell off during a clean now lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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The badges have been

The badges have been reproduced. You can buy new ones on-line. 


If you are looking for the small apple square badhe, those also pop up now and again.


I have some spare //e case parts for the originals, but their condition isn't all that nice. It sounds as if you want a display piece, and I doubt these would qualify, so if that is what you seek, buying the repros will give you a minty feeling. 

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