MacASM (or other simple assembler?) manual/tutorial

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MacASM (or other simple assembler?) manual/tutorial

Hi all,
I am looking for tutorials or manuals for MacASM. I downloaded the software (v1.2), but I only managed to guess a few commands.
Any other simple assembler which comes with instructions?
I plan on running them under vMac.
It seems no effort at digitally storing the documentation for these tools has been done. I just look at what is available for the Atari ST and Amiga and I want to scream :disapprove:

Thanks in advance!

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MacASM tutorial and manual

Hey, I realize this is a late reply, but in case someone comes across this subject, I wrote an article and tutorial on MacASM and there is a link to my PDF copy of the manual too, towards the end of that article.

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