Macintosh monitor DB-15 cable pinout

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Macintosh monitor DB-15 cable pinout

I need to connect my Centris 650 to a mac monitor and do not have a video cable. The macintosh and the monitor both have a DB-15 video connector, but as I do not have a video cable, I was thinking of rigging up a custom cable until I found a real one.

I do have a Apple IIgs, and it also uses a DB-15 video cable, but I searched on that and find the connections are all different from the macintosh cable, which seems a bit scary to me since you could easily plug it in on a mac.

So, does anyone know the pin-to-pin connections on the macintosh DB-15 video cable? Is it just a straight through cable (1->1, 2->2, ..., 15->15)? I don't want to go on based on a hunch and blow the monitor up.

Please do not respond with "Google is your friend", or a comment like this. I have tried every google search I can think of, and most of the time it pops up pages related to making a VGA cable, or something similar. I just need to know the pin connections of the macintosh video cable, so I can make my own.

Thanks for any help!