"Mike's Magic Matrix" bitmap shape editor?

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"Mike's Magic Matrix" bitmap shape editor?

In a couple issues of Apple Assembly Lines from 1982, I found references to a "Mike's Magic Matrix" tool that was under development by Mike Laumer, frequent contributor to the newsletter and author of the FLASH! Integer BASIC compiler.  It sounded like Mike's Magic Matrix was a bitmap shape/sprite editor tool.  Development soundedto be pretty far along, as the author indicated they he had only a little more adjusting to do and a manual to write, but aside from these references in Apple Assembly Lines, I haven't been able to find anything more on it.  Anyone have any information?

On that topic, does anyone know of a good bitmap shape editor for the Apple II?  (Note: bitmap shapes/sprites, not vector shapes)

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Shape Routine

Bitmapped shape routine can be found here: https://archive.org/details/byte-magazine-1983-08/page/n291/mode/2up

I've used it and it works pretty well. Good luck with your endeavour!

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