My AppleSauce arrived last Friday

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My AppleSauce arrived last Friday

Well, I put my name on the waiting list for this current run of AppleSauce units at KFEST and then when I got home I was toying with the idea of taking my name off the list. Boy, I am I glad I didn't!!!


Mine came on Friday and I installed the Sync Sensor (which is a piece of cake by the way) and cleaned up and lubed a newer looking Disk ][ I had, tested it, and it is working flawlessly.


I have been an imaging fool for the past two days and wanted to say THANK YOU! to John Keoni Morris for making such a wonderful device and developing and pushing the .WOZ format forward.





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Looks just like mine!

I also got my unit last week but haven't had a chance to put the sensor in yet.  I was psyched when it arrived in the mail.   Spending too much time on A][ software at the moment.  (Programs, not disk copy)

Will get to it though, maybe sooner rather than later after reading your post. 

I like the Applesauce logo you put on your drive.  Thinking of doing the same since that drive will be dedicated.

Thanks for sharing!

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