My (new to me) IIgs

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My (new to me) IIgs

I just got a good deal on a ROM3 IIgs, with one of the Buggie power supplies, and couln't pass it up. The LEDs work now on my enhanced keyboard, and with my Briel memory expansion, I now have over 5mb of memory. My CFFA3000 works great, too.

On a side note, I was watching Pawn Stars today, and some lady brought in a new looking IIgs ROM1, with the RGB monitor, ImageWriter II, 3.5 floppies, all manuals, and a ton of software. She asked $300, and ended up selling it to the Pawn guys for $100. Everything looked brand new and in original boxes and all. It worked, as Chumley was playing a game on it. Not sure, but it may have had a hard drive, because it booted up to System 6, and I never saw them put a floppy in it.

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Re: My (new to me) IIgs

I that is part of this link.

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