No One Lives Forever 1 & 2, $20 Shipped in USA

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No One Lives Forever 1 & 2, $20 Shipped in USA

I have both of these games that I'd like to sell as a set, for $20 shipped w/in the USA.  Yes I will ship elsewhere, but you'll have to pay more.  These are pretty fun first-person-shooters, but with some spy/stealth action too.  The first one works on G3 and higher processor Macintoshes (350MHz minimum).  The second one requires G4/G5 Macintoshes (700MHz minimum).  Both games work fine, the game 1 set has some minor scratches but this does not affect the loading/game play.  The second set is in like-new condition.  PM me if interested.I'd rather not split up the set, but if I only get offers on one or the other, then they will be $15 each, same caveats as above.

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That brings back memories

I played NOLF1 og NOLF2 a lot on Windows years ago.

The Windows versions can be downloaded from


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