OS X.4.11 Partially Freezing

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OS X.4.11 Partially Freezing

I am running a PM G4 1.25DP MDD with X.4.11. This is a clean install and I am in the process of resurrecting this system from extended storage. I have replaced the power supply, the PRAM, and both hard drives (hence the clean install). This system is pretty vanilla as far as the software goes and is sporting the stock 2G RAM.

Sometimes while using the system and moving windows around, the mouse will freeze up. Nothing I can do will result in the mouse moving or responding. When this happens, the keyboard continues to work and the system otherwise seems fine. The only known fix is to hard restart my system. The mouse is actually a very reliable, tried and true MacAlly iBall and is my only easy option for a 'mouse'. I am am doubtful the iBall is the issue based on its historical performance. It is plugged into the back of my Cinema Display. I do have a BT Apple keyboard and mouse buried around here somewhere but I believe they have an issue with them based on the known history. Before I connect a possible-issue-BT-mouse to a possible-issue-system, I want to resolve the known reliable-working-trackball with the possible-issue-system.

So, could there be an issue with my Mac itself? And if so, what can I do to diagnose the problem?


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Re: OS X.4.11 Partially Freezing

I assume you've looked in the logs. It could be the USB port(s)/controller are at fault. I didn't think the MDD had bluetooth built-in unless you have a USB dongle for it.

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Re: OS X.4.11 Partially Freezing

I can't imagine you don't have *any* plain-old USB mice lying around. If you plug one in after you get the mouse freeze does the cursor start working again? (Or, for that matter, if you unplug and replug the iBall?)

I would also try plugging the mouse straight into the system unit after a freeze and see if that make a difference. Is the keyboard also plugged into the back of the Cinema display? I know that the USB hubs inside the Aluminum-cased Cinema display had issues with getting flaky before dying entirely. (Happened to one of my 23" ones.)

That said, well, I have also experienced software-based "the mouse goes away" issues with OS X, although I believe the first version I saw it on was Lion.

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