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Re: Please Advise: Is Sector16.com / Syndicomm.com a ...

I sent you a P.M.

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Re: Please Advise: Is Sector16.com / Syndicomm.com a ...

and I answered this post in another thread here on the site.


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Re: Please Advise: Is Sector16.com / Syndicomm.com a ...

I found on Sector16.com

I guess you mean http://16sector.com?
a Computer Card that says it includes a built-in Hard Drive (all of which, without needing any additional interface Computer Card such as an SCSI Controller Card) would readily work when inserted in one of the CPU Slots of an Apple IIgs ROM 3 computer.

There are a few such cards for the Apple II line. Other examples include:
This product sounds almost too good to be true.

It's true. There are several solid-state "disk drive" options for your Apple II, as mentioned above.
And there's no Customer Support Telephone Number listed anywhere on the Sector16.com Web site. This Web site seems to be associated with another Web site called Syndicomm.com.

Dealers in Apple II peripherals aren't exactly the kinds of things that can support things like 800 numbers; I'm sure you understand that. Syndicomm very recently changed hands to Tony Diaz, owner of 16sector.com. Source:
Have any of you ever heard about, or ordered anything from, this Company? If you've ordered anything, did you receive what you ordered (within a reasonable length of time), and have a good experience in using it?

I've not myself, but I have had good experiences with the other sites I mentioned above.

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Re: Please Advise: Is Sector16.com / Syndicomm.com a ...

Both 16sector and Syndicomm are legitimate businesses and have been part of the Apple II community for many years. The same is also true for Rich Dreher and his CFFA cards.
Sheppy has recently turned over management (as posted on A2Central.com) to Tony Diaz (16sector.com). I have been buying items from Sheppy (Syndicomm) for a long time. I also have seberal items from Tony, and several CFFA cards (various revisions) planted in my II's. As stated on the Syndicomm site; it is a home based business and sometimes shipping may be slow, but I have always had great experiences with the products I have received.

Steven Smile

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