Possible keyboard and case

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Possible keyboard and case

Something I stepped over on Youtube: NABU PC

This NABU PC things has a very nice keyboard that can likely easy be hacked to be used for the Apple I and the case is so spacy that it should be able to easiely host its original content and the Apple I mainboard as well.

The power supply might also be good to supply the Apple I with some of the needed voltages (not checked) it overs input: 105-125V 60Hz 60VA output: 5V@2,5A, 12V@2.0A, -12V@0,3A 40W.

This thing can be used as cloud based CP/M machine or even hacked into some almost MSX compatible device or fully CP/M machine would be a shame to butcher it for base and keyboard but the price is good for NOS.

Looking to a picture of the keyboard inside it seems it uses Atari style ports, what is strange is the ADC0809CCN an AD converter so it might support paddles as well.

If the keyboard is to be used as is some kind of deserializer would be needed and the Joystick ports will likely not work with the Apple I unless you invest a bit more brain into the adapter.

If oyu just want to use the matrix more Info about the Keyboard and the Matrix .

Of cause some programable Keyboard Matrix to ASCII-parallel adapter is needed, this shoudl do: https://github.com/osiweb/unified_retro_keyboard/tree/main/hardware/interface-ascii



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Correcting -12V seems to be

Correcting -12V seems to be only 0.1A

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I ordered one...  It will be

I ordered one...  It will be interesting to see what I can do with it.  I'm thinking try to hack on some kind of USB or SD storage to it and build a dedicated CP/M box maybe.


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Yes it is a shame to see it

Yes, it is a shame to see it as case and keyboard first hand as many peope only buy the keyboards because of the keyswitches.

If your order did not get shipped think about if you want this as well: https://www.ebay.com/itm/394508675988 its the cable modem case (same design with PSU).

The best development would be NABU keyboard to ASCII converter.

Official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/NgxTXvND2A

Keep in mind if that device is used outside USA/Canada mostliky a new PSU is need.

There is a TMS9918 replacement called F18A (VGA out + 80 column) https://dnotq.io/f18a/f18a.html, https://circuitmaker.com/Projects/Details/Matthew-Hagerty/F18A-rev-B.

Floppy Controller https://klyball.com/nabu-page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7yikNHw5Lw

SD-Card drive: https://github.com/TheCodeman/Nabu_PC

CD-Adapter and CPM: https://github.com/randomvariations/nabu.cpm

https://github.com/GryBsh/NabuNetworkEmulator NABU cable modem and cable network emulator (needs RS422 to PC Adapter)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gOxsSK0pSI working adapter

https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/NABU_native_USB_to_serial_adapter_4c1e523b.html alternative 

Info about keyboard: https://deskthority.net/wiki/Nabu_KBD-2.


What I actually would do:

Get a more potential PSU that can power NABU PC, APPLE 1 and PI3 or PI4 same time

Mount the Apple I to the case "hanging" and the Pi where is space.

The front pannel is big so there is space for 3 separate power switches.

The Pi serves as NABU network and allows the NABU to boot to Games, CP/M and Terminal Emulation.

If Apple I is used it can be used as Apple I with Composite out.

Or in conjunction with the p-labs APPLE-1 TERMINAL - A FAST SERIAL TERMINAL FOR APPLE-1 and the NABU serves as color terminal.

Like this the keyboard does not need to be interfaced directly and you get a speedy Apple even with the possibility of color.

An apple clone board instead of a real apple mainboard would actually save a lot of power and simplify that.

An other idea would be to use this:

In conjunction with a passive CPU to expansion bus adapter and this board: https://apple1notes.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Apple-1-Serial-Board-Documentation.pdf it should be actually enough Apple I to run all Apple I software. 


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