Powerbook G3 (Lombard/Pismo/PDQ/Wallstreet) Batteries

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Powerbook G3 (Lombard/Pismo/PDQ/Wallstreet) Batteries

I was looking at my PDQ laptop and was thinking about my battery.  It is usable but as all things good, it will one day die.  While it is still good, I was thinking about my alternatives to replacing the battery (or adding a spare).  I am eager to hear your thoughts and ideas as well as experiences (good, bad, ugly).


My idea I wasn to look into:

- Can I get (buy, 3d print, retrofit a dead battery) a battery shell and insert batteries into the case similar to how I do now with my Netwon MP100 and my Newton MP2100?  Has anyone come across a solution where you encountered such an animal?  If I were to get an old battery for this model laptop, has anyone cracked one open and able to share any stories that might help me out?  If I were to try to 3d print my own battery shell, what are some factors I might consider?  For this last question, the presumption is taht I would use 9x 1.2V Li-Ion cells or 6x 3.7V 18650s.  Alternatively, I could use 6x 1.5V AAs as an emergency battery pack being that they are easy to find when passing through an airport...


Either way, I ultimately want to have a battery pack that I can recell when I need to, ideally, one that my PDQ would possibly charge if I used the appropriate cells.  I realize that the AA option would not allow this so that is a what-if for say giving me temporary power on the media port while I hot-swap the real batters on the left side bay when no power supply is available.

Let me know what you think or if I am just crazy...