PowerMac 9600s available in southern California

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PowerMac 9600s available in southern California

Hello, AppleFritter people,

I have eight PowerMac 9600s of all sorts which are available for free, if you want to pick one or more up, or for the cost of shipping if you can't pick them up. Some have 300 or 350 MHz 604ev CPU cards, others have the non-ev motherboard but with G3 accelerator cards, and others have standard 200 MHz 604e CPUs. They come with varying amounts of memory.

To add to the mix, I have some of each of:

ATI Radeon 7000 video cards
Rage128 video cards
Fibre channel cards
A few 50 gig UW-SCSI drives with SCA connectors - the SCA adapter can connect it either to the motherboard 50 pin or an ATTO UW-SCSI

If you'd like to play with an older Avid, I also have a few ABVB card sets along with a full Mac OS 8.6 installation with all the Avid software.

As you may already know, PowerMac 9600 hardware is absolutely wonderful quality. I personally run a server which serves around 300 domains and as many users running NetBSD. It has run pretty much continuously for more than a decade and hasn't even been rebooted since the last hardware change which was 540 days ago. Whatever your use, they're good machines.

Write if you have any questions. Thanks!

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Re: PowerMac 9600s available in southern California


I have two questions:

1. Do you have a Paypal acount?
2. What would shipping be vis USPS Parcel Post to ZIP 21144, for one of these units?

If you prefer you can pm the answers to me.
Steven Smile

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Re: PowerMac 9600s available in southern California

I would love to take a couple off your hands!!

I am in southern California! I can pick it up.

I sent you a PM Smile



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