Quick Loader Compact card for Apple II

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Quick Loader Compact card for Apple II
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QuikLoader Compact Card for Apple II II plus IIe or Platinum Computers. The QL is a really useful card, it automatically loads DOS 3.3 at booting up the computer and contains programs in ROM that can be used without the need for a disk drive you are ready to play in a second after you switch on your computer.You can activate the card by press CTRL+Q+Reset in the same time and then when you depressed the keys the menu will pop out then by press the key according with your option the game will start. With CTRL+Q+Reset you can go back to the main menu.The QL compact use a modern eprom with one 39SF040 EEPROM it has games and some utilities.Asking price is €45 plus €15 for postage with tracking number and insurance. Postage are the same all over the world .

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions please ask

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Glad to see folks putting

Glad to see folks putting this card to good use. 

I shrunk this card to what it is several years back from the original QuikLoader, designed by Jim Sather and called it "QuikLoader Compact".

To those who don't already know, each 512K ROM bank (0-7) was assigned to the 39SF040 EEProm in the same order, so if you want to make coftware changes, treat it like all 8 EPROMS are loaded when you add or change the code.

Refer to the QuikLoader Programming Manual for instructions for creating a catalog of files.

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