RamFast questions

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RamFast questions

My HD did not survive the trip to the new house. Using the program Deliverence I ran it on the Ramfast Rom disk on the IIgs desk top. It says it found 5 errors ? Now this is a Rom disk, The first was the Keyblock was wrong and the other 4 were in cache. Now is this normal, Deliverence ask to make permanent fix. I do not think that can be done to a Rom Disk. Maybe the one on the Desk top, but not the one it is loading from the RamFast itself.

Trying to determine in the 4 that are in the cache if that means the ram on the RamFast has a problem, or if this is all in the ROM chip itself, or if this is normal. Do no want to cause more problems for myself when putting together another HD.