Recommend me a Composite-to-HDMI converter?

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Recommend me a Composite-to-HDMI converter?

Hello, everyone.  Quick-ish introduction: I'm Lee.  Pleasure to meet you all.


In going through my dad's estate, I recently unearthed the Apple ][e from my childhood, which he bought new in 1983 and we learned to program on together.  I figured he'd thrown it away long ago, but there it was in the back of a closet.


Surprisingly, it seems to still work just fine, which is just delightful.  It's an unenhanced Rev B, with a 128k 80-column card, a Grappler+, and a Disk ][.  Green monochrome monitor.  We had a color monitor way back when, but it went bad sometime shortly before I went off to college, and he went back to the green one.


A while back, I was given a partial Platinum //e (less keyboard and upper case), but it looks like the ROMs are different so I can't pull them and use them to enhance the Old Beast.  Oh well.


During my internet searches related to restoring/juicing up the Old Beast, I was pleasantly surprised to find such an active community, still building hardware for these things.  :D


So, I was going to spring for an Apple ][pi board, but discovered that they are out of stock.  So I located a schematic and ordered some components and a protoboard instead.  That will be an interesting project!



Anyway, sorry for the long-winded introduction.  My question is:


My (possibly incorrect) understanding is that the composite video signal produced by these things is "not-quite NTSC", and therefore some video converters have trouble with it.


I'm looking for something to convert the composite signal to HDMI, properly.  Can anyone recommend me an adapter that for-sure works as expected?  For the project I have planned, it must be HDMI (not VGA or somesuch).


Thanks!  :)