Restoring an old Apple IIe unenhanced

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Restoring an old Apple IIe unenhanced

Hi to everybody,

I'm writing to You 'cause I hope someone can help me:
I found an old apple IIe in the garbage (!!!) so I picked it up and I want to try restore it. There are some problems with ram chips and IOU but I'm working on it.

During the desoldering operations I realized that a component is broken. Unfortunately I am not so expert to recognize it. Can someone help me by giving me the specifications so that I can find a substitute and change it?

It is a green "sausage" near the nubmer 4, 6, 8 and 10 linked to the ram chip. In total are 8, 4 on top of the ram chip and 4 on the bottom (plz see the picture).

Thanks in advance to whom want spend his/her time to help me

Image icon green "sausage"????1.4 MB
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The "green sausage" you refer

The "green sausage" you refer to in your photo is a 0.1Mfd decoupling capacitor. Dime a dozen part.
See eBay item 291549135466 and ask them for the green ones. Might be tuff to find one that looks exactly the same unless someone here pulls from a board.
FYI, a single broken decoupling capacitor will not cause your computer to malfunction in this case, but it's a good idea to include them.
Good luck!

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Thanks a lot macnoyd! I'll

Thanks a lot macnoyd! I'll get immeditly

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Hi to everybody! I'm

Hi to everybody! I'm continuing restoring my Apple IIe so If it is possibile I'd like have some suggestion/opinion.

@Macnoyd: now my Apple is working with new ram socketed and the new capacitor!

This is the point:
Apple turn on and seems work regularly. I say "seems" because I have these problems:

1- when I perform the self test, it doesn't start, I see the writing "RAM:" but nothing happen. I can only interrupt the self test with CTRL+RESET and it re-start normally;

2- sometime instead of "RAM:" I see "IOU FLAG E5: 1".

Due to the point n.2 I tried to change the IOU European chip (344-0022) with a working IOU chip from an Apple IIe U.S. model (I know it is different but I read on this forum there will be only problem about display colors. With the U.S. IOU (344-0021)the self test doesn't start (black screen).

I tried to perform:

1) 10FOR J=1 TO 50:PRINT"apple ii": NEXT I. The result is ok (no change of letters);
2) I tried swap to GR page, TEXT, and HGR page: no dot/pixels or strange things on the screen,
3) 0 CALL-198: GOTO 0: the bell rings continuously.
4) I tried to insert the 80 columns + 64K CARD and it works

Any idea or suggestion? Other checks? Other chips to verify?

Many thanks in advance!

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probably read this page:
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