For Sale. Micron Xceed Color 30HR

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For Sale. Micron Xceed Color 30HR

I have the following set to sell, all came from same seller originally (20 years ago) unless otherwise noted:


1. Micron Xceed Color 30HR, probably the card the developer used, as it came with the documentation. Might be a regular production card, though. No idea, and I lost contact with the seller.

2. Micro Xceed Grayscale adaptor, original.

3. Micron Xceed Color 30HR Driver Disk, original.

4. Documentation, as found on Archive, plus perhaps more. Note: These are the original documentation that I lended to a fellow forum member to scan.

5. Disk from developer with code. Some are also to be found on Archive, but this is the orignal disk from the developer.

6. Manual for Micron Xceed Color 30HR,  original

7. Harness for connecting Micron Xceed Color 30HR and Grayscale board. NOT ORIGINAL

8. Hookup for external screeen

9. Spare Micron Xceed Color 30HR card, broken!


Enquire direct for photos and / or any questions or concerns you might have.


Selling as I have now gotten other interests, and the cards deserve to get more attention. All works as advertised, except the broken board, of course.


I am looking to sell for 2.000€. A lot to ask for, I know, but there your have it.


Pending response from other forum member, who I gave first shot to purchase.