Sharing: Nearly NOS Apple ][+

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Sharing: Nearly NOS Apple ][+

Here are a final photo of my main ][+.

The main system was basically NOS, as it was stored almost unused as an extra system saince 1983 (made in 1982). The Monitor ///+ and its stand match very well, and the Disk ][s have the CP/M Drive A label on s6d1, thanks to macnoyd for finding a drive with that label. (I still need the Softcard Drive A, B C, and D label sheet. If anyone has one, please LMK mas I want to inexpensively reproduce those labels.


System Config:ROM X System, with the first rev ROM X plus text ROM.


Slots:0: Language card wirh mod for ROM X

1: Super Serial Card

2: Apple Parallel Card

3: Clone of AE Viewmaster (Videx)

4: Microsoft Softcard

5: Apple 1MB RAM card

6: Disk ][ card

7: Unoccupied

Game IO: Metal cased ~1979 joystick (NOS)

Cassette: Panasonic

NOS Keyboard, very clean Monitror ///,+ (light grey highlights, but need a diffuser cleanup). Boots CP/M perfectly. 


Basdically a super-stock ][+, 64K system. I was going to use my Hyperion card in it, but it crashed 50% of gthe time, lkoading ProDOS 2.4.2..





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How exactly was it NOS if it

How exactly was it NOS if it was unpacked and used? It would have to be still in the box with ALL packing materials, and literature to be classified as NOS. Do you mean Barely used?

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I'm curious how many miles

I'm curious how many miles/KMs are on this nearly NOS Apple II+, does it have complete service records and does it have a clean "AppleFax"?



Sorry couldn't resist...





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When I expand the photo ...

When I expand the photo, it looks like this NOS unit could use a good cleaning.

What does it look like on the inside?

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It sat for years, since the

It sat for years, since the company bought it, basically unused. Nearly NOS doens#t mean sealed in facctory packaging. Heck, NOS doesn't even mean or imply that. I buy and sell NOS auto parts on a regular basis, and the packaging rarely ever survives. Usually, factory cardboard boxing acquires moisture, mould, and is discarded, with the contents repacked to prevent contamination of the contents. I do have a Maqrx trainset in its original box, but it isn't NOS. Packaging doesn't define how little something was used. 


On that note, it's sparkling clean inside. Not a trace of dust or contamination, and no notable oxidation on anything. I gently wiped off some of the surface of the case, but I wasn't too thourough as everything in here gets dusty fast anyway.


I need to disassemble the Monitor /// and wash the glare screen, as there os a wad of dust trapped in it from storage. I can give you side by side between a nearly virgin one and one that isn't, as all of our other company systems were pretty heavily suntanned from those awful flourescent lamps that we had. The stuff that sat in boxes for 30 years, did not. 


My main qualification is whether it works solidly, but it is the most 'pretty' system here in terms of looking like it was mean to look because it was a spare/emergency replacement machine that no-one ever had to use beyond an initial burn in test.


The Franklin 1200 was absolutely NOS, in what was left of its box, with the franklin drive protector cards never removed; but it also stopped functioning properly after a week or so of use. First the onboard disk controller died, then the KB slowly stopped working, all without ever modifying it in any way. As they are about the same age, and were stored in exactly the same conditions, it's interesting to see that the ][+ stood the test of time, but the Franklin, did not. 

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Wiped the soot off. 

Wiped the soot off.



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