Sonnet Crescendo G3 300/512, and a Mac 6500/250 LB

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Sonnet Crescendo G3 300/512, and a Mac 6500/250 LB

I have a Sonnet Crescendo L2 G3 300Mhz/512k cache upgrade card that I am selling at 220 euro plus tracked and insured shipping to where you’re located - its a small parcel so should be around 20 euro in EU. I am located in Italy.The card was removed from a perfectly working PM6500 spare LB that I have for either my 6200 on steroids or my Takky CC. Both machines are extremely solid and I need some funds for other projects so boththe upgrade and the LB  have to go. the LB is for sale in the condition you see in the pics: extremely clean and in perfect working condition. I haven't recapped the board, but there is no leaks and the caps still work well. The LB includes a CSII modem and the audio/video board with DAV port; the rear panel and the bracket , plus the riser PCI board and backsr are included.As the Sonnet was removed from this very board, it does not include L2 cache (which I remember also not being originally in the machine for some reason).i want 90 euro for the 6500 LB.The Crescendo L2 works in all Gazelle and Alchemy architectures with L2 slot; at least, this is what I found. This includes 5400/5500, 6400/6500 and TAM.I can sell the lot for 300 and will include additional 96mb of Edo Ram on the LB too.

Im trying to sell these in multiple places as I have to downsize a bit otherwise I cannot delve in the new stuff - namely, a G3 Beige uber-project and a FX restoration.Here are some pics