Suggest selling prices?`

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Suggest selling prices?`

Howdy, some of things things were up for sale in another thread, but I decided to sell a few more things to focus on just two old machines and my one modern, free up some space around the house, and maybe pay off my truck Wink Of course anyone is welcome to make offers and pm me an email and send pics along, but I really don't know what a good fair price is as you find prices are all over the place and I don't want to end up in the fritter's "Laughable" thread Wink

Here goes: (From Newest to oldest)

Mac Mini Server 2012
-2.3ghz Quadcore i7
-2x1TB Hard Drives

Mac Pro 2008
-2x2.8ghz Quadcore Xeons
-8GB RAM (2x4GB DIMMs, 6 slots free)
-500GB Hardrive

PowerMac G5
-2x2.7ghz G5
-320GB Hardrive
-Upgraded video card (Radeon X800XT 256MB VRAM)

Mac LC III (Performa 450 Case)
-25mhz 030
-68882 Math CoProcessor added
-36mb ram (maxed 32mb simm + 4MB onboard
-768kb VRAM (maxed 512kb onboard + 256kb simm)
-1gb HD
-Apple IIe card (Run II software at 2mhz + tons of other cool features) w/ breakout cable and Apple II joystick
-Farallon etherwave (Compatible with the Apple II side as well, so you can have your apple II and still have your net)
-Apple Keyboard II
-Apple Desktop Mouse II
-Apple 12” RGB monitor, 512x384 (Sits nicely on LC machines)

Mac SE/30
-128MB RAM (Maxed out with OWC ram)
-4GB Hard drive
-Dayneport PDS Ethernet Port
-Your Choice of Apple Extended Keyboard or Apple Keyboard II
-Your Choice of Apple Desktop Mouse or Apple Desktop Mouse II
-Third Party carry bag (Navy blue big enough for SE/30, extra Hard drive, etc...)

Apple TV 2
-Jailbroke and has XBMC installed

Parts and stuff
-LC PDS Ethernet card
-NUBUS Ethernet Card
-18GB SCSI Hard Drive 80-pin (With 80pin to 50pin adapter)
-Apple Geoport Modem
-Zip Drive, Internal IDE
-Zip Drive, External SCSI
-External CD Drive, Sony works great with CD-Sunrise in Apple Case but missing plastic bezel
-Apple Extended Keyboard II (Works but case has ugly markings)

PowerBook 145b and 150
-Both have 4MB, neither screen seems !00% perfect, 150 has no Hard Drive. 145b Has flakey contrast switch.

Just too much stuff. But don't worry, keeping My C64, Apple IIgs, and FreeBSD monster... Just my hobby taking up space that should be occupied by people and dogs in my life ;).

Offers? Partial/full trades? Or just opinions on a reasonable asking prices if I must resort to ebay.