videx softswitch not working

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videx softswitch not working

I have a II+ with a Videx and softswitch, but I cannot get the 40 column output on the videx output.  I have triple checked the installation and it all looks correct according to the manual.  When I activate the Videx, I get the 80 column output no problem?  Any ideas?



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Have you adjusted the

Have you adjusted the potentiometer on the soft switch daughtercard?

It regulates the 40 column video signal intensity.


Also, have you connected a good -5v supply to it?  And connected a jumper from the soft switch to the video output pin on the II+ motherboard's pin header?

It needs both +5V and -5V to work, although it should get the +15V from pin 16 of the 9334 chip it is supposed to be connected to.

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