WTB: Apple IIe system

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WTB: Apple IIe system

I'm looking for a basic working system with a drive. I'm located in FL.


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Re: WTB: Apple IIe system

If you are still looking for Apple IIe, here is what I have to offer.....Make an Offer.

Apple IIe Enhanced IIe with 128K of Memory.
with, DUAL 5.25 inch Drive Unit ( 2 Drives in 1 unit ) Modded to allow writing to back of disks
Ramworks III with 576K
Apple Super Serial Card
Apple ProDos Block Device

Will include:
10, 5.25 Disks with Software on Both Sides.
DVD PC Disk Loaded with Apple IIe Information, Manuals, Documentation and Files.

Was intending to put on Ebay, but saw you Ad.

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Re: WTB: Apple IIe system

He purchased one from me back in January.
Nice sounding system, post it up for all to see!

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