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DAN ][ THE FUTURE: Boosting your favourite 80s machine to "8.59 jigobytes"

Imagine in 1980-something you started your Apple ][, /// or //e - and you had 8 gigabytes of storage... Mind blowing?

Well, if you have a DAN][ Controller card, you can now easily boost your 1980s machine to 8GB. In decimal numbers, the maximum usable storage now supported by the DAN][ Contoller is actually 8.59GB. That would certainly have spooked Doc Emmett Brown in 1985 - though he'd have pronounced it "8.59 jigobytes", of course... But no need to accelerate to "88 miles per hour". All it takes is a simple firmware update.

Apple /// Reset Logic & Apple II Emulation Flaws

I recently ported software from the Apple II to Apple III and encountered an interesting topic. It's a corner case, but in my opinion a typical example. It shows how the Apple III design was sometimes (maybe unnecessarily) complicated. And how features introduced Apple II compatibility issues.

The (not so) subtle differences between 6502 assemblers...

Oh man... I was not aware of the pitfalls when switching between different 6502 assemblers. Until now, when I tried to reuse an old assembly listing (from Apple II assembler/editor) with the ca65 cross-assembler...

Carefully compare the definition of the > and < operators to obtain the low or high byte of an 16bit address - in these two excerpts from the respective manuals...


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