Daystar Genesis Problems

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Daystar Genesis Problems

Hi all,
I have received another Daystar Genesis to use as a replacement for the broken one I have. It is the 6-PCI slot kind, and has a 132MHz 604 (from a 7200 or similar, I believe). I have a hard drive, CD drive, and video card for it, as well as RAM. This computer, however, does the exact same thing as my other genesis - it chimes, spins up the drive, and sits there. Nothing else. I have tried all kinds of things - moving the card around, swapping from 3dfx to IMS Twin Turbo (in slots 2 and 4 from processor), I have tried changing RAM around - how should it be installed? I have five 128MB sticks of RAM, and an 8 mB stick from a PowerMac 5400. I was also using a 128MB stick in it, and it worked fine. I have tried disconnecting all SCSI devices, I have tried CUDA reset, I have installed a new battery.

I've seen the service manual - it doesn't even list the symptoms I have.

I have tested the PRAM battery - it reads about 3.45 volts under load, inside the machine.

The computer will not respond to a PRAM reset.

I have tried both SCSI buses - the one labeled "fast" and the one labeled "std".

Interestingly, one Genesis has a sticker on the MB with the Daystar logo, the other has it printed on. The one with the printed-on logo also has all the internal connectors labeled.

What else can I do? If I can't get these to work, i guess they will be junked. They both "worked", according to previous owners.