Happy 20th birthday to the Macintosh Plus!!

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Happy 20th birthday to the Macintosh Plus!!

today. January 16th, 2006, marks the 20th birthday of the coveted Macintosh Plus. it is also the longest produced mac ever. from January 16th, 1986 to October 15th, 1990. making it 4 years, 10 months in the product pipeline.

Happy Birthday, Mr T. we love you.

long live the macintosh Plus!!

share your Macintosh Plus experiences and stories here.


-digital Wink

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Ah Fond Memories...

The very first mac that I ever owned was a Mac Plus. I loved that little thing. I would spend hours just playing on it. Games like supermunchers and brickels. The only problem with it was the fact that my father made me throw it out in favor of a Mac SE. Sniff Sniff ;-(

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im happy im in the process of

I'm happy I'm in the process of getting a plus. Here is a picture of a plus at it's birthday party IMAGE(http://www.applefritter.com/images/untitled-10264_640x480.jpg)

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My Plus is the second oldest

My Plus is the second oldest Mac I own, seconded only by the 512k. It's older brother but not bigger brother, I guess. Or something.

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I used a number of Plus machi

I used a number of Plus machines in high school, and they were the first Macs I used. I have one now which is in pretty poor shape, the case is yellow and worn and the floppy drive doesn't work. But I successfully upgraded it to 4mb RAM and it still boots up happily enough. The original hard drive I got with it failed, and when I opened up the case, found that the drive was actually a 2.5" PowerBook drive with an adaptor to take the larger SCSI connector. Weird!

I'm going to get it out now to give it a run.

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