Trying to sell my G4 and Lombard

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Trying to sell my G4 and Lombard

so here's the low down. im trying to sell both of these machines. my G4 Yikes! has 40gb and 8gb HD, 384mb ram, stock ati video, 500mhz sonnet, liteon DVD-rom, zip 100. has a really clean case. i can wipe the drives and install os9 and or panther. i have used this one alot and really like it, but i want something with a little more punch.

The lombard is a 333mhz 4gb, cdrom, 320mb ram, "yo-yo" ac adapter, battery that holds an ok charge, 1-2 hours. same, i can install os9 and or panther on here before shiped. has small marks on the case here and there, some not that noticable. not my abuse thats for sure, ive had it for about 2 months and its a solid little machine thats for sure.

as far as shipping goes ill have to look it up for where ever you are, so PM me or respond here, either way. make me an offer within reason and if i likey, then ill sell.

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