InkWell + VNC

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InkWell + VNC

Inkwell is currently built in to every Tiger installation.

A Few Ways to launch InkWell:
open /System/Library/Components/Ink.component/Contents/SharedSupport/

Navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras, and double-click on This places the Ink icon in the Finder’s menubar. From this menu choose Ink preferences. System Preferences will open and reveal the Ink system preference.

Removing "NSPrefPaneHardwareTest" from the info.plist of the Ink.prefpane (System/Library/PreferencePanes/) makes it load into the System Preference. Then you can turn Inkwell on and off and change all sorts of options, to no apparent ill-effect, if you make sure you turn it off when you are not using it.

Ink (Ink Server) afaik only accepts input from a Wacom Tablet. Inkwell will work in any application, but only supports Wacom tablets as its interface (Wacom's tablet driver).

hmm... what if...

If only there were a switch level interface (i.e. a check box) to tell Ink (Ink Server) to allow any available input device to work.

Maybe if there were a way to trick Ink into thinking that any input device was really a Wacom tablet.

Maybe a daemon that converts a standard input (joytick/touchscreen/trackpad/mouse signal) into whatever the Wacom tablet would input to Ink (and then... inputs the converted data to Ink).

VNC is currently built in to every Tiger installation.

Apple Menu/System Preferences/Internet & Network/Sharing/Services/Apple Remote Desktop/Access Privieges/VNC Viewers may control screen with password:

If only there were a way for Apple's builtin Remote Desktop/VNC Server to trick Ink into thinking any inputs were coming from a Wacom tablet.

If only I really knew how to code anything and everything instantaneously.