I Built an iPod Photo and I need help

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I Built an iPod Photo and I need help

Hi. Over the summer I accidentally purchased an ipod off ebay with a defective battery, thinking it was a fully functioning battery that was just really cheap. I soon realized my mistake and tried to make the best of it. I looked into how to replace and battery, and ordered a kit off ebay with tools to replace this battery. After doing this, I soon realized it was really quite easy to take ipods apart and even build and repair. Since then I have purchased several broken 3rd gen ipods off ebay to repair and then sell them again. It wasn't until a few months ago that I got the great idea of trying to build an iPod Photo from scratch--- purchase all the necessary parts off ebay, and then assemble it myself.

This worked great and everything seemed to be going fine, until i was at completion-- the iPod works, no doubt there ( it will turn on when i plug it into the wall), but the hold symbol is always on. Even though I have the hold switch off, it always stays on no matter what. This of course prevents me from using it in any way. I can update the ipod with new songs and it all works fine except for this hold switch that stays on. I have updated the ipod with the latest firmware, but still nothing.

My assumption is that the problem is with the audio jack. However, I have tried 2 perfectly new audio jacks and also 2 perfectly new logic boards, and neither of these solved the problem. The interesting thing is that if i flip the ribbon cable around in the audio jack, and then plug it into the port on the logic board and hold it there, the hold switch will turn off. However, when i try to play music, nothing will come out of the headphones. Instead i can faintly hear the music coming out of the speaker which the ipod uses for the clicker. If i select a song to play by using this method, and then flip the ribbon cable back around and plug it into the logic board port, the music will come out of the earphones like its supposed. But, when this happens, the hold switch turns back on and i can't do anything.

Basically, the only way for me to listen to music on this ipod is to take it apart, flip the ribbon cable around so and plug it in so i can select the song, and then flip it back around so i can listen to it. The thing is, i know when i flip this cable around that its the wrong way because in pictures ive seen of the inside of ipod photos, the orange side is always showing up.

I know all of this sounds kind of complicated but is there anyone out there that can help me with this. I have spent a lot more money on this than a new ipod photo would normally cost.


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I had a ipod color which had

I had a ipod color which had the same problem. (hold switch lock icon wouldn't turn off) Turned out there's a tiny rip in my cable that connects the audio board to the logic board.

After replacing the cable, my ipod works perfectly again.

So try that out, get a working cable/audio jack combo and see if that fixes it. (note, the 4th gen black and white ones arn't the same. Must be from 4th gen color.)

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Why not going over the solder

Why not going over the solder joints again (if there are any) and look for any crossed wires.

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