the pirate book

by Andrew


In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th), I decided to repaint my iBook. Ok, that's not really the reason, but it works.

Obviously, this hack is heavily influenced by a couple of the other hacks on this page, namely, the doodlebook and the zebrabook. Sorry I don't have a detailed guide, but it's so similar to other hacks that a guide shouldn't be necessary.

The design was fairly easy. I found a couple nice pirate graphics on the internet and printed them out. I layered some masking tape on the area where the design would go, then taped the picture on top of the tape. Using an Xacto knife, I simply trimmed away all the black, leaving the white skeleton outline. A few coats of spraypaint, and the first part was done. Next, remove the remaining masking tape, and spray with white. Then just put it all back together.

Obviously, this did not turn out as clean as I would have liked. For anyone who wants to try something similar, I suggest making absolutely sure that you soak the iBook pieces and remove all the white paint. I used the 'put some alcohol on and rub' method, and there's still some white hanging around. Also make sure that your masking job is very good, and let the paint dry completely (24+ hrs) between coats. I think the reason a lot of my lines aren't very clean is that the black paint was not completely dry, and when I sprayed on the white, the black bubbled up.

Another mistake that you can see is where the glue holding the plastic snap ring inside the top of the display is pulling the paint off. Make sure the glue is dry before you reassemble! I think i'm going to strip this one and start over.





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that's a pretty neat looking hack