set-aux-binary sets ty/cr to 'BIN '/'A/UX'

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 94 23:59:09 EST

set-aux-binary is a freely redistributable utility that
sets the type and creator of input files to 'BIN '/'A/UX'.
This permits binary files downloaded to a Mac partition
to be copied to an A/UX unix partition without invoking
A/UX's automatic carriage-return-to-newlines conversion,
which can cause file corruption.

usage: in the System 7.x Finder, drag-and-drop icon(s)
representing unix binary file(s) onto the set-aux-binary icon.

set-aux-binary is based on ctc 1.2 by Brian Bechtel,
with minor changes: its TextEdit boxes for user input
default to 'BIN '/'A/UX', which saves keystrokes, and
it touches the parent folder to update the Finder icons.

Note that set-aux-binary won't repair a binary file that
has been mistakenly downloaded in ascii mode to a MacOS
partition. In such cases, see the A/UX FAQ, available
on in /pub/aux, for detailed
instructions and try, try again ...

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