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Translation Package v1.52

By R. Mark Fleming,
521 Albert street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7K 4M5
Phone: (613) 545-2039 E-mail:

Site licenses contact me for pricing at the address above (Educational site
license available for $100.00 / translator).
People who own a site licenses of NetDoctor, the shareware fees are
includes in NetDoctor's site licence. Single user licence to NetDoctor do
NOT cover these shareware fees.

A word about NetDoctor, The Lab & Network Maintainer Package V2.3
The cost of NetDoctor $190(US) per copy + shipping or site licence
$1500(US) + shipping
NetDoctor is simular to InterPoll in it's basic features, but it does not
stop their. It supports querying all current Macintoshes for system
information; querying most network printers (DeskWriters, LaserWriter and
ImageWriters) for printer status, quering AppleShare servers for guest
login rights & volume accessabl and supports SNMP over AppleTalk.

Note:pricing is subject to change without notice.

General information about translators:

Drag & Drop translators:
PICT / BMP, EPS Preview Converter and TEXT Converter

These "Drag & Drop" translators code support the basic AppleScript
commands, and AppleEvents for opening files. Use Apple's Script Editor to
read the applications dictionary. All are Power Macintosh as Native "fat
binary" i.e. PPC code and 680x0 code versions, and the 680x0 processor
version (to save disk space for non-PPC users). The '68K' version are the
same code as the PPC fat versions, so use will only see a difference in
speed if they run the 68K version on PPC.

Apple File Exchange (AFE) Translators:
Graphics: TIFF (IBMpc to Mac), EPSF (IBMpc to Mac), Windoes (.BMP) to PICT
V1.02, B&W (Mac to IBMpc) BMP
Non-Graphics: WordStar to RTF, dBase II && III to CSV

XTND Translators:
Graphics: Window (.BMP), StartUPScreen, PC PaintBrush (PCX)

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