Trailerpark QT 1.1.8 - Classsic Version

Trailerpark QT 1.1.8 is now available. In this version:

- Assortment of "Directories" functions fixed (move/trash feedback,
playlist save/read, file enabling/disabling, doubleclicking of disabled files).

Trailerpark QT is a QuickTime multimedia list player, allowing easy
access and organization of multiple video and other media files.

Available for Mac OS Classic, OS X, and Windows, Trailerpark QT is a
blend of global floating windows, one-click contextual menu access,
one-key control, and a plethora of display and playlist options.
Trailerpark QT provides a compact, convenient, border-less environment
for reviewing, renaming and reorganizing multiple QuickTime-supported files.

Created with "making the ideal movietrailer player" in mind, Trailerpark
QT is also excellent for audiophiles looking for a smaller tuneplayer,
film/videographers reviewing footage, artists/photographers reviewing
still images, conference speakers in need of a no-fuss presentation
player, and lots more. Trailerpark QT supports all QuickTime-supported
file formats, so however you use QuickTime, Trailerpark QT is for you.

As a demo, users have access to all the listplayer/inventory management
features of Trailerpark QT; registration of $12.50 allows larger-than
160x120 views, including fullscreen. Payment services are provided by
eSellerate Inc.

Trailerpark QT for Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X and Windows may be
downloaded from

Made with REALbasic.

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