VCD Player 1.5.3 - Full Screen VCD Player - Johnny CN Lee

VCD Player 1.5.3
(c) Copyright 1997-2001 Johnny CN Lee, All Rights Reserved.

VCD Player simplifies the process of playing video compact discs on your
Mac. With most other players, you only get video in a tiny area of your
screen, or in an area surrounded by a huge border of some sort. VCD Player
smoothes the video playback process and allows you to watch full-screen
movies in the MPEG format, without any headache-inducing distortion to make
the movie unwatchable. There are various configurable options that control
sound and playback, and just as with a sound-only CD player, you can control
which track to start watching. VCD Player can remember where you stopped
playing the movie after you quit the program, restarted your Mac, or even
changed to another disc then changed back.

VCD Player X will be released once Mac OS X supports VCD playback.

System Requirements
- Power PC
- QuickTime 2.5 or later
- QuickTime MPEG Extension 1.0 or later

What's new?
- Fixed a bug that some VCDs can't be recognized by VCD Player.

Johnny Lee
A Hong Kong Macintosh Developer
Products: Picture-in-Picture, Pretty Scroll, VCD Player, VCD Screen Saver

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