MpegDec 3.1.1

MpegDec 3.1.1 is a mp3 decoder for 68040 and PPC macs.

It is a macintosh port of the MpegDec package.
It uses 68k assembly optimizations for the 68k version.

MpegDec 3.1.1 can play mp3 files in realtime and
decode mp3 files to aiff and wave files.

Changes since version 1.0:

Version 2.0
Drag and Drop Interface.
Implemented mono singlemix mode.

Version 2.5
Playback controls.
Multiple playlists.
MPEG 2.5 and mp1 mp2 support.

Version 2.5.3
AIFF improvements.
fpu version improvements.

Version 3.0
Mp3 streaming added.
Runs in async mode.

Version 3.1
MpegDecAIFF wave file support.
Playlist Editor improvements.

Version 3.1.1
Minor bugfixes.
Speed improvements.


68040 or PPC.
fpu not required for 68040 version.
SoundManager 3.0 (SoundManager 3.2.1 and higher recommended).
MacOS 7.1 with Drag and Drop 1.1 and Finder 7.1.3
(MacOS 7.5 and higher recommended).

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