The Hotline Client is the vehicle which allows users to navigate the
wired Hotline world. The Client is a simple and elegant application that
enables the user to connect to a server, chat with other users, read and
post news, and simultaneously transfer files with speed and ease. All
this is presented in a user-friendly and polished interface. The Client
incorporates cutting-edge features such as resumable downloads and
uploads, private personal messaging, news, and real-time chat. Both the
Server and the Client multi-task seamlessly, even while the user is
checking e-mail, browsing the web, or running other applications in the
background or foreground.

The Hotline Server enables the user to easily and safely run their own
personal server on almost any Macintosh currently, with a PC version
being in the alpha stage of development. The Hotline Server is a
powerful yet easy to use tool for anyone who needs a way to stay in
contact and share files, information and ideas.

To allow others to easily find and connect to their server, the user can
register their Server with a Hotline Tracker, which acts like an Internet
Phonebook. Once registered, the user's server becomes available for
anyone to look-up and connect to.

Path: /www/exparrot/

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