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CLex for Mac is a multilingual dictionary/spelling check engine for
Macintosh. With CLex you can lookup a word from within any application
by pressing Command-ENTER or click at a button of the floating window.
The spelling can be checked as you type. That is, you have a single
spelling check program no matter you are writing in a word processor or
chatting on-line. The floating window is accessible everywhere and lets
you turn on/off auto-spelling check and have access to a notebook. You
can have more than one spelling dictionaries installed and can arrage
the order of them by drag & drop within the list of installed
dictionaries. You may also turn on or off a particular dictionary by
setting up a spell-check configuration. This is useful if you have to
write (or chat) in different language or in different context. A
statistical pre-processing can be introduced to 'guess' a most
propabable dictionary against which the word should be checked. CLex
also supports the basic commands of network dictionary protocal DICT
(RFC 2229), so you have access to many freely available dictionaries on
the Internet as well. A Latin-English definition dictionary, several
English and a German spelling dictionaries are included in this package.

You need Power Mac to use CLex. CLex is a shareware.CLex can be included
on the Info-Mac CD-ROM.

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