MacSense May 1996

MacSense May 1996. Volume 3, Issue 3.

Apple's going to post a $700 million dollar loss for this quarter--and it's
actually a good thing! Find out why in May's MacSense!

May's issue is busting at the seams! This month we introduce a new feature
to help readers activate embedded URLs without having to copy and paste!
(For more details, see below.) Open MacSense and learn all about Apple's
new direction, the MessagePad 130, two new StyleWriters and a low-cost
Color OneScanner. A trip through our 'Bits sections will teach you about
Apple's new VP, The HP ScanJet 4P, Macromedia Director 5, Shockwave,
Netscape Navigator 3 beta and much more. This month, John Nemerovski has
left his Brave New World, and his loving wife fills in. Jim Hines muses
about Apple's tenacity for self abuse, the Game Warden looks high and low
for Mac sports games, and Cerebreality considers the reality of flame wars.
May's issue also offers a System 7.5 Update 2.0 Special Report to help get
you up to speed with the new update. We've also got reviews of Claris
Emailer 1.0v3, Eudora Pro, The Black Box, You Don't Know Jack and Total
Distortion. Finally, Editor in Chief Chris McVeigh eyes Microsoft's efforts
with Internet Explorer--and fears for Netscape.

All MacSense readers who use Netscape will be pleased to see our new
"Launch URL" feature. In AppleBits, QuickBits and NetBits, you'll now find
a URL-launching button adjacent to stories which include URLs. To use,
simply make sure your Netscape application is open and connected to the
Internet. Then, from within MacSense, click on the desired URL button.

MacSense: The Macintosh

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